Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loma Linda University Church - This Week

Sabbath, Sept 1, 2012
LIVE 1st Service 9:00am, 2nd Service 11:30am (PDT)

Sermon: "Monte Carlo: Happiness for a Price"
Part 5 - A Bucket List for the Young . . . and the Young at Heart   
Pastor: Randy Roberts

"Selections", arr. Greg Batla
Musical Praise:
"Our Eternal Home", arr.Tracey Ann Collins
Miclen LaiPang, violin; Abrham Fabella, piano.
Songs of Praise:
"In a Little While We're Going Home", "Soon and Very Soon",
Praise Team  

"When We All Get to Heaven", "In the Sweet By and By"
Musical Praise: "He Giveth More Grace", Hubert Mitchell arr.Paul Bailey

Miclen LaiPang, violin; Abrham Fabella, piano.
Song of Response:
"Now More Than Ever", Bill and Gloria Gaither, Woody Wright
Leah Botimer, vocal; Greg Batla, piano

Postlude: "Selections", Greg Batla

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