Saturday, April 5, 2014

LLBN networks back on the air!

Update on the LLBN broadcast blackout

After a night long of collaboration between BrightStar TV and vendors in NJ and Pennsylvania, all channels were restored to normal operation by 8:30 am.
I want to thank both Gary and Derrell for their support this morning and for their willingness of leaving their warm beds to join me in supporting our vendors from our end of the pipeline.
I thank God for his amazing spirit that drove all vendors/parties mentioned above in full collaborations for nearly 12 hours throughout the night and the early hours of this morning to restore our ministries back on the air.
We should draw strong faith from these experiences as it's clear the our powerful God in heaven is with us at all times.

Happy Sabbath to all of you

Early Saturday morning:

Unfortunately we've run into a situation where we had some unexpected corruption of the database in our playout servers in NJ which the engineer on call was unable to resolve. The specialized team who looked into it was not be available till 8:00 am eastern time which means we remained in black some hours.

The service is now restored. We are sorry to cause inconvenience, but thankful for your patience staying with us, supporting and joining us in prayer.

God bless you this Sabbath morning!