Saturday, June 14, 2014

Updates On LLBN Outages

Thanks to everyone for your messages, concerns, prayers and support during LLBN’s outage since last night and throughout today!

Most of our networks had the service restored. However, we expect sporadic outages for the next couple of days as the team works on certain sections and equipment. We apologize for the inconvenience and pray that God will bless you and compensate with His grace for your patience and loyalty to His ministry.

Some of you found the way to other LLBN resources such as the LLBN Christian TV channel on YouTube and Pinterest boards that display many of our videos including music, some of Pastor Randy Roberts’ series and other materials. In such times you could also explore the many pages of our websites. Check the PROGRAMS tab and find specific programs that display video series such as Week In Review, Righteousness by Faith, A Joseph Story, etc. For the replay of the programs and services missed please check the schedule pages on our websites.

In any situation we praise God for the opportunity to grow in His faith, love and grace. We learn and use new ways through which He wants to reach us and He wants us to reach others.

In His service,