Thursday, May 26, 2016

Loma Linda University Church -Worship

Sabbath, May 28, 2016

LIVE:  3rd service 11:45 am (PT)
Processional: Fanfare III - A. Glazounow
                         Rigaudon - A. Campra
Sanctuary Brass and Organ

Offertory: They Shall Be Mine - D. Catherwood
Wilbert Pérez Velez, Sanctuary Brass
Musical Praise: Amazing Grace - Arr. Yong-Jin Noh, Sun Ahn
Ariana Anugerah, cello; Hayden Cale, violin; Casey Harms, piano

Sermon: Wow! - Randy Roberts
Recessional: Marche Triomphale - S. Karg-Elert
Sanctuary Brass and Organ 

Sanctuary Brass Conductor: Virgil Nielsen
Organist: Kimo Smith

Rebroadcast Schedule:
Monday 11:00 am (PT)
Wednesday 3:00 am (PT) )
Friday 7:00 pm (PT)
Saturday 8:30 pm (PT)
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